AI Origin: Dartmouth 1956

In 1956, Dartmouth hosted a conference where Sir John McCarthy coined the term 'AI.'

AI's Father:  Sir John McCarthy

McCarthy, the AI pioneer, defined 'Artificial Intelligence'

AI Before the Term

Concepts pre-date the term, with no universally accepted name

Game Changer: Turing Test

Alan Turing's 'Imitation Game' led to CAPTCHA for security

Facts List: AI Insights

AI replicates human behavior; explore fascinating AI facts

Predicting Natural Disasters

AI predicts earthquakes, volcanoes—a boon for prevention

Restoring Old Photos

AI's 'Image Inpainting' by NVIDIA revives vintage photos

AI in Games and Bots

AI beats humans in games; female voices dominate AI bots

AI Pet Bots by 2025

Future AI pet bots, animal-like without concerns

AI vs. Cancer

AI in oncology detects cancer symptoms early