Remembering Henry Kissinger

Former US Secretary of State (1923-2023)

From Germany to America

Born in 1923, Kissinger fled the Nazis with his family in 1938, seeking refuge in the US. He carried a Bavarian accent throughout his life.

Service to the Nation

Becoming a US citizen in 1943, Kissinger served in the Army, taught at Harvard, and earned a PhD in international relations.

Nixon's Trusted Adviser

In 1969, President Nixon appointed Kissinger as the national security adviser, shaping US foreign policy and ending the Vietnam War

Shuttle Diplomacy

Kissinger's efforts halted the 1973 Yom Kippur War, introducing shuttle diplomacy and influencing world affairs.

A Nobel Peace Prize

In 1973, Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize for diplomacy, though it sparked controversy with resignations from the Nobel committee.

Enduring Influence

After leaving government service in 1977, Kissinger remained a sought-after adviser, influencing public affairs and advising US presidents

Beyond 100

Even after turning 100, Kissinger remained active, participating in events and engaging with world leaders

End of an Era

Henry Kissinger passed away at his home in Connecticut at the age of 100. The cause of death was not disclosed. The world mourns the loss of a diplomatic giant

A Lasting Impact

Survived by his wife, Nancy, and family, Kissinger's legacy lives on in history as a diplomat, adviser, and influential figure in shaping the world