After leaving OpenAI, Sam Altman accepts a new position as head of Microsoft's advanced AI research unit

Altman, the face of the AI revolution, was fired from OpenAI, leading to a weekend of uncertainty

After unsuccessful attempts to rejoin OpenAI, Altman and Greg Brockman have decided to join Microsoft

Altman and Brockman to head Microsoft's AI team amid turmoil in OpenAI's leadership

Microsoft's stock rises over 2% after Altman and Brockman's appointments are announced

Altman's ouster from OpenAI was influenced by safety disputes, but it was not specified as the reason

Altman insisted on a new board and governance structure to return to OpenAI

Microsoft, OpenAI's largest investor, exerts pressure for Altman's reinstatement

OpenAI employees express discontent, some threatening to quit unless Altman returns

Emmett Shear becomes interim CEO of OpenAI and vows significant governance changes if needed