Microsoft's AI Studio Preview

Explore the latest from Microsoft's Ignite event – Windows AI Studio, powered by Linux for local AI development.

Linux-Powered Extension

Windows AI Studio requires Ubuntu 18.04+, WSL, and Nvidia GPUs for its Visual Studio Code extension.

Four Actions Available

Preview features include Model Fine Tuning, RAG Project, Phi-2 Model Playground, and Windows Optimized models.

Limitations and Coming Soon!!

Discover limitations like model constraints, with RAG Project and Phi-2 tagged as "Coming soon!" in Microsoft's documentation

Getting Started Challenges

While promising, the preview reveals challenges such as GPU detection errors and complex setup processes.

Functional Windows AI Studio

Once set up, the studio performs well, allowing tasks like fine-tuning with Hugging Face datasets and model interactions.

Future Platform Support

Microsoft hints at broader platform support, suggesting a potential shift from Windows-centric development.

Preview's Ironic Twist

Notably, Microsoft's local AI development on Windows leans on Linux, revealing an ironic twist in its technological journey.