Tejas Journey Begins (1984)

Govt initiated Tejas in '84, a leap for indigenous aircraft. ADA formed to drive progress

Tejas Takes Flight (2001)

Tejas soared on Jan 4, 2001—a milestone in Indian aviation. PM Vajpayee named it 'Radiance.'

Tejas vs. MiG-21

Tejas steps in as MiG-21 ages. A crucial replacement to enhance IAF safety.

Multi-Role Capabilities

Tejas, armed and ready! Handles air-to-air missiles, bombs, rockets—a true versatile warrior

Funding Boost (1986)

Govt allocated Rs 575 crores in '86, fueling Tejas' growth and development.

Composite Structure

Tejas stands strong with 42% carbon fiber, 43% aluminum, and titanium alloy structure

Fighter and Trainer Variants

Tejas caters to IAF and Navy needs with single-seat fighters and twin-seat trainers.

Tejas Goes Global (2016)

Tejas wowed at Bahrain Air Show. Enthusiasts compared it to China-assisted JF-17 Thunder

Lightest Supersonic Marvel

Tejas shines as the lightest multi-role supersonic aircraft

Blazing Speeds (FOC & IOC)

Tejas zooms at 2,205 km/hr (FOC) and 2,000 km/hr (IOC)—a speedy triumph!

FOC: Full Operational Capability    IOC: Initial Operational Capability