ISRO awarded Leif Erikson Lunar Prize for the first soft landing near the Lunar South Pole.

Recognition for ISRO's unwavering commitment to advancing lunar exploration and celestial understanding.

Annual Exploration Museum honors achievements in exploration, with three categories including the Leif Erikson Lunar Prize.

Indian Ambassador receives the prestigious Leif Erikson Lunar Prize in Iceland on behalf of ISRO.

S Somanath expresses thanks for the honor in a heartfelt acceptance message.

India makes history with the first soft landing near the Moon's south pole.

Vikram Lander & Pragyan Rover conducts groundbreaking experiments, contributing to lunar exploration.

Pragyan's Remarkable Agility: Covering 100 meters in 10 days, navigating diverse lunar terrains with precision.

Chandrayaan-3's Legacy:   A beacon of India’s space prowess, paving the way for future lunar exploration and unraveling the Moon’s mysteries.