Indian Govt. warns of high risk for Samsung phones due to critical security issues.

CERT-In issues advisory on December 13, highlighting vulnerabilities in Samsung Android versions 11-14.

Attackers could bypass security, access sensitive info, and execute code on the targeted system.

Threats include breaching SIM PIN, bypassing Knox Guard, and unauthorized access to AR Emoji data.

Users face risks like phone takeover, data theft, unauthorized access to AR Emoji files, and more.

Government urges Samsung users to apply security updates promptly to mitigate risks.

Users strongly advised to apply security updates to safeguard against potential security breaches.

Samsung Security acknowledges the threat, announces security firmware rollout with Google's patch.

Samsung Mobile releasing a maintenance release with patches from Google as part of the monthly SMR process.

While Samsung refrains from commenting, users are encouraged to stay informed about security updates for their devices.

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